The Ringling College Library Association (RCLA) was born from a small support group in 1975. A pioneering handful of community leaders started by donating $500 to help a struggling art school build its library. As Ringling College grew, so did our non-profit organization. It’s now expanded to nearly 2,000 members, and enjoyed many successes along the way. 2017 marked our greatest success story when the Alfred R. Goldstein Library opened its doors. It was a vision fulfilled. And the result of a long and loving campaign fueled by our members and TOWN HALL Lecture Series loyal patrons.

As an organization we operate with an annual overhead of just 10 percent and have made gifts and commitments to the college in excess of $11 million dollars. Our incredible legacy of support to the library has been an integral part of Ringling College’s success. Now, with the stunning new library, the college is attracting students in record numbers which has helped contribute to the College’s record enrollment. The support given to the Goldstein Library’s programming has also allowed the college to stay current with materials and academic resources the students need. As new and exciting majors are added to the curriculum, the Library’s collection also grows and is critical to accreditation; expanding student and faculty minds in these new areas.

In recent years, we have expanded our support of not only the library and its collections and programs, but also student scholarships. Scholarship funding is the College’s greatest need and we have added additional funding to scholarships in our new gift commitment to the College. We are honored to support student scholarships and giving the gift of education that these funds provide.

logo_town_hall_committeeTOWN HALL, Sarasota’s premier lecture series ®

Since inception in 1981, the TOWN HALL lecture series has featured the world’s leading spokespeople in world affairs, government, economics, business, social welfare, medicine and arts and entertainment.  The TOWN HALL series is sold by subscription.  “Bringing influencers from the world stage to our stage in Sarasota.”