TOWN HALL Experience


2024 will mark the 43nd installment of the TOWN HALL Lecture Series. For more than 40 years, over 200 speakers have participated in TOWN HALL. Our presentations have included some of the most engaging, influential, entertaining, and educational speakers in the world. We welcome these speakers to Sarasota to stimulate, inspire, and inform our community every season.

In an area known for its arts and culture, TOWN HALL is among the many assets and known for producing presentations that are innovative, compelling and often “one and only” events that can’t be seen anywhere else.  This rich history means our patrons have incredibly high expectations for each new season, and we do our best to bring in speakers who bring something unique and special to Sarasota.

Many times our speakers are controversial, but we strive to bring speakers whose subject will cause you to think and maybe even get excited about the topic, whether pro or con.  We have also observed that over the past 40 years, and especially most recently, discussing contrary opinions, mostly political, in normal voices feels like a lost art.  TOWN HALL helps us all embrace our experience in hearing what others think, whether we agree or not.  We are honored to be in a community where can we come together at events like this and experience countless new perspectives.