Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch – Funding Ukraine

Due to the large request from TOWN HALL patrons requesting more information about Yovanovitch’s lecture references to help Ukraine, the Ambassador has shared her list of organizations:


Funding Ukraine  This organization is a clearing house for reputable organizations and has been doing great work focused on humanitarian assistance (medical and food) since 2014.   They have recently expanded into advocacy due to their track record and expertise.

Superhumans Center  A state-of-the-art rehab center established to help those injured in the war.  They are focused on those who have lost limbs or have had brain trauma.

Safe Skies  Yale historian Timothy Snyder’s project to fund a passive drone detection system.  It is already protecting four Ukrainian regions and is now being extended to another four.  It allows Ukrainians to find Iranian-made or -modelled drones and shoot them down before they cause harm.  It works on cruise missiles too.

The Kyiv Independent – News from Ukraine, Eastern Europe  Support independent English-language news by subscribing to a daily news update.  A free press is crucial for a democratic Ukraine, and you can personally benefit by reading breaking news every morning from Ukrainian sources – in English.

World Central Kitchen ( Jose Andres and his team are doing amazing work feeding the millions of refugees and internally displaced people in Ukraine. This organizations helps source helmets, body armor, thermal vision monoculars, drones, medical packs and more for my friends in the Territorial Defense Forces.  This U.S. veterans organization evacuates Ukrainians and brings medical supplies in on the return journey.

Mountain Seed Foundation  A charity established by former American employees of the U.S. Embassy in Kyiv to help Ukrainian partners and their families.

Welcome.US  This organization was established to help Afghan refugees coming to the U.S. and has branched out to help Ukrainian refugees, perhaps in your community.