TOWN HALL 2020 Confirmations

If you have mailed your order directly to the office and have a confirmed payment cleared via your bank or credit card statement, you are all set.  We will email seating confirmations as part of our typical process in September 2019.

If you have submitted an order to the office, and the payment has not yet cleared, please check in with the office. Please do not assume that because you mailed it in, we automatically have your request on file.  There are rare occasions when orders that have been mailed in to the office, have gotten lost in the postal system on its way from you to us. We are sorry about the circumstances of lost mail, but we do not know who has and has not mailed in an order, unless you check in directly with the office and let us know.

As of 6/20/19 all orders that have arrived, have been processed in our ticketing system.