2024 TOWN HALL lineup:

– Congresswoman Liz Cheney on January 16, 2024

– Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch on February 5, 2024

– Stanley Tucci on February 26, 2024

– Nir Eyal on March 11, 2024

– Misty Copeland on April 15, 2024

Each subscription includes one assigned seat to each speaker (5) in the lineup. Subscription pricing is for one person to attend all five lectures. At this time, we are unable to book a mixed-session package for the series where some speakers are in the morning and others in the evening.

You may order your subscription/s at any of the four available ticket levels:
– Platinum / $700

– Gold / $500

– Silver / $400

– Bronze / $350

All lectures are held at the Van Wezel Performing Arts Hall.

Subscription ticket delivery methods available:


– Will Call (To be picked up on the date of the first lecture.)

– Email (Tickets would be emailed in late November to the main email address on file.)

– Mail (Mailed in late November to the shipping address on file.)

To get started, ask yourself the following questions:



(1) What is my budget to attend? Refer to the levels for the seating guide.


Click to view the Seating Chart:


$700 / Platinum Rows: A, B, C, 1 – 10

$500 / Gold Rows: 11 – 17

$400 / Silver Rows: 18 – 22

$350 / Bronze Rows: 23 – 29



(2) Which session do I want to attend?


All morning lectures begin at 10:30 AM. All evening lectures begin at 7:30 PM.



(3) Now that you know your answers to the previous two questions, click on the appropriate link below to get started:


Pre-sale Promo Code: 24AMpresale


Pre-sale Promo Code: 24PMTHPS